The coordinators of the Danube region strategy, Priority area 1b, organised the fourth stakeholder conference “The Danube Region Transport Days 2018” that took place on Tuesday, the 4th and Wednesday, the 5th of December 2018 in Hotel Best Western Premier SLON, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


The international stakeholder conference aimed to bring together the transport community in order to exchange and share know-how, experience, results and ideas on all aspects road-rail-air transport in the Danube macro-region. Moreover, the aim was to strengthen cooperation between transport stakeholders in the Danube macro-region in order to jointly address the challenges associated with implementation of existing transport policy activities.


Searching for the possibilities of financing transport projects [open]

Contribution to Transport Infrastructure Investment in the Danube Region [open]

EBRD Support for Transport Infrastructure in the Danube Region [open]

Development of Indicative Extension of TEN-T Networks in Western Balkans [open]

Trans-European North-South Motorway Project (TEM) [open]

Alpine – Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor No. 10 [open]

On the Right Track to New Perspectives (from Germany to Turkey) [open]

TRAIANUS Rails Freight Corridor

Adriatic-Ionian Corridor: a corridor linking two macro-regions [open]

ntegrated Transport and Green Infrastructure Planning in the Danube-Carpathian Region for the Benefit of People and Nature [open]

CHESTNUT project [open]

“CityWALK” Towards energy responsible places: establishing walkable cities in the Danube Region [open]

Electric, Electronic and Green Urban Transport Systems eGUTS [open]

Linking Danube: linking multimodal travel information services in the Danube Region [open]

Transdanube.Pearl: network for sustainable mobility along the Danube [open]

Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads: RADAR project [open]

The future of rail passenger transport in the Danube region: challenges for passenger transport [open]

4th Railway Package and Passenger Transport in Republic of Slovenia [open]

Development of Railway Passenger Transport in Montenegro [open]

Project RUMOBIL – Public Transport Solutions in Sparsely Populated Regions [open]

The State and Future of Rail Passenger Transport Between Southeast and West [open]

Connecting Danube region by rail – improved passenger services and infrastructure development opportunities [open]

What future for passenger transport in the SEERAIL [open]

Euro-Asian Transport Links: Relevance for the Danube Region [open]

The Eurasian Landbridge: Importance for the Danube Region [open]

Global Framework plan of Action for Road Safety [open]

SEETO road safety policy [open]

National Road Safety Funds in the Republika Srpska – Towards a higher level of road safety

Measures to improve road safety in Slovenia [open]

Set-up of the National Road Safety Policy in the Republic of Moldova

BiH: Road Safety in the Danube region with focus on Strategy and Policy making for safer roads [open]

How to set-up national Road Safety Policy in the Republic of Macedonia [open]

Road Safety Stratefy – what is it? Case study – Serbia

The Road Safety Performance Review – Albania [open]

The Danube Region Free of High Risk Roads

Motorway safety – Slovenia case [open]

The Effectiveness of Average Speed Cameras [open]

Croatian Automobile Club: Contribution to road safety in the Republic of Croatia

Air Travel Development in South-Eastern Europe Obstacles and Chances [open]

Overview of Air traffic development in southern Central Europe [open]

Challenges of Air transport in the Danube Region [open]

Intermodal accessibility Air – Rail case of Vienna Int. Airport [open]

Follow me equipment – low visibility procedure