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The Priority Area 1b – to improve mobility and multimodality: Rail, Road and Air links is coordinated by Slovenia and Serbia.

The PA addresses the challenges of transport, which is essential for development of business and leisure activities. Transport enables facilitation of international partnerships and relations, the advancement of commerce, science and tourism. It is complex by nature due to differences between transport modes and development gaps between countries, regions and continents. All above can be seen also in the Danube macro-region. Road maintenance and road safety, rail freight transport contributing to full modal integration and improved air connectivity are for years high on transport agenda of the EU, as well as on most of the national transport agendas. Common to all transport modes are issues related to energy efficiency and emissions of conventional pollutants that require comprehensive actions on local, regional and global levels.

Slovenian Coordination

Ministry of Infrastructure

Mr. Franc Žepič

Priority Area Coordinator

Serbian Coordination

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Ms. Tanja Popović

Priority Area Coordinator

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