The 6th stakeholder conference »Danube Region Transport Day – DRTD 2021« was held online on Friday, 17 December 2021 from 9.30 to 16.20 (CET).


This year presentations and discussion focused on:

  • Financing transport in the next financial period 2021-2027
  • Transforming railways in the Danube region (during and after coronavirus era),
  • Planning cycling infrastructure and improving bicyclists safety for commuting and pleasure.


Thanks to everyone who could attend our joint online event, organised jointly by EUSDR PA1b coordinators and UNECE. Special thanks goes to our 19 distinguished speakers:

–             Mr. Yuwei Li, Director, UNECE

–             Ms Tamara Delić, Assistant minister, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Serbia

–             Mr. Darko Trajanov, Director General for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Policy, Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia

–             Mr. Johan Magnusson, DG REGIO, the European Commission

–             Ms Barbara Bernardi, CINEA, the European Commission

–             Mr. François Davenne, Director General, UIC

–             Mr. Francesco Dionori, Chief of Section, UNECE

–             Mr. Alberto Mazzola, Executive Director, CER

–             Mr. Dejan Lasica, Transport Community Treaty Permanent Secretariat, Belgrade

–             Mr. Giacomo Potenza, ERA (the European Railway Agency), Valenciennes

–             Mr. Robert Razvan Dobre, Director General and Ms Cristina Cuc, Ministry of Transport, Romania

–             Mr. Teo Falato, EIB, Luxembourg

–             Ms. Virginia Fuse, UNECE

–             Mr. Andreas Friedwagner, Verracon, Austria

–             Mr. Gregor Steklačič, Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia

–             Mr. Ivica Jujnovic, Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Croatia

–             Mr. Marko Ševrović, Ph.D., European Institute of Road Assessment – EuroRAP, Slovenia

–             Ms Daniela Gamper,  Austriatech, Austria

–             Ms. Jitka Vrtalova, Partnership for Urban Mobility in Czechia l.l.c., Czech Republic.


Agenda DRTD 2021_PA1b_UNECE_17dec2021