This project refers to the improvement of the Corridor Vc road section Tarčin-Konjic. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, trunk roads and regional roads extend for 8.501 km. Together these form the core road network of the country. The essential function of trunk roads is to connect the main economic and administrative centres of the country. In this network, there are also six European roads (i.e., E-roads), which extend for a total length of 995 km and that are classified in compliance with the European Agreement on the Main International Roads.

The road Corridor Vc connects the central coast of the Adriatic Sea with Budapest, representing a major route for many key trans-European communications. The road Corridor Vc is split into 9 sections, for a total length of around 336 km.



The need to improve the motorway sections of Corridor Vc has been included in the Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the core transport network of the South-East Europe, which is based on the development of the road Core Network and in the Framework of Transport Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2016). Moreover, in final report of the EC High Level Group (EC, 2005), Corridor Vc has been identified as the only transnational axis of Bosnia and Herzegovina of significant importance for the European transport policy.



The total estimated investment cost for this section is equal to € 469,02 million (i.e., € 22,17 million per km)